Built in 1631 by the celebrated architect François Mansart (1598-1666) at the request of Jean de Choisy, the Château de Balleroy and its surrounding buildings are one of the first urban plans that inspired other chateaux, including Versailles. All the buildings were built from scratch. The chateau itself has retained almost all of its original features and it is because of this that it witnessed the major innovations of the 17th Century.

In 1970, Malcolm S. Forbes, owner of a major U.S. newspaper group acquired the chateau which was then fully restored and refurbished. Today, his four sons and his daughter continue his work.


Inside the château, the visitor will encounter about ten rooms furnished in a 19 century style. You will admire  a beautiful oak panelled carved ceiling  in the vestibule, a wonderful suspended staircase and also the salon d’honneur, room has survived the centuries without any modifications.

During the guided tour you will also be able to see plenty paintings including a painting of Claude Vignon from 1623, paintings of Comte Albert de Balleroy, a talented painter of animals. or series of royal portraits (restored in 1998) were executed by Juste d’Egmont, a pupil of Rubens in the 17th century.