The chateau


Built in 1631 by the famous architect François Mansart (1598-1666) at the request of Jean II de Choisy, Balleroy's Chateau and the village form one of the first urban plans which inspired other chateaus, including Versailles.

 It is a major witness to the innovations that appeared in 17th century architecture:

In 1970, Malcolm S. Forbes, owner of a large American press group, acquired the château, which was then fully restored and refurnished. The family owned the chateau for 50 year.

        Today, Mr. Roy Eddleman, a friend of the family, is the new owner.

Smoking Room                                                    Salon Louis XIII                                                     Salon d'honneur                                                                                                                                                                                                     


                                 Suspended staircase

What to see ?

You can admire a dozen rooms furnished in a 19th style. You will be able to appreciate in particular a magnificent oak ceiling with carved coffers, one of the first suspended staircases in France (see photo on the left) or the salon d'honneur (see photo above), a room that has not been modified since the end of the construction of the chateau in 1636.

For art lovers: :

Throughout your guided tour you will be able to see numerous paintings including a work by Claude Vignon dating from 1623 as well as the works of Albert de Balleroy, a talented animal painter who shared a studio with Édouard Manet for seven years in Paris, or a series of royal portraits (restored in 1998) by Juste d'Egmont, pupil of Rubens in the 17th century.